Our preventive care services are designed for your optimal oral health. The American Dental Association recommends regular checkups and professional cleanings twice each year for all people with good oral health. At your checkup, Dr. Newsome will examine every tooth in your mouth and how they fit together.

He'll look at existing dental work to make sure it's holding up well. If you experience any tooth, mouth, or jaw pain, be sure to bring it up in your checkup. Even chronic headaches may be related to your teeth!

At your professional cleaning appointment with our hygienist, be sure to ask for instructions or advice if you have problems with brushing, flossing, gum sensitivity, or bad breath. The hygienist will provide expert advice and one-on-one demonstrations to help you overcome these types of problems. She'll also remove the plaque, tartar, and decaying food particles from your teeth. If she finds evidence of gum disease, she will recommend appropriate therapy to restore total health. Our dental hygienist has a sincere passion for making patients smile.

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