We Guarantee Our Dentistry.

We are proud of the dentistry we do.

We strive for perfection and satisfaction which is why we guarantee our work.

Our warranty is as follows:

Composite Fillings: 2 year warranty for breakage, sensitivity, or decay to replace the filling at no cost to the patient. If the filling has broken and a crown is needed then you will be credited the cost of the filling toward the crown.

Crown or Bridge: 3 year warranty for breakage of the porcelain, or an open margin that is leaking and /or recurrent decay. We will replace the crown at no cost to the patient. If a core build-up is needed before doing the new crown because of decay, the core build-up will be discounted by 50% during that 3 year period.

Sealants: 3 year warranty for a sealant that pops off. Sealants do wear. If a sealant wears there is no charge to add the coating to the warn area for the life of the sealant.

Root Canals: 2 year warranty if a Root Canal done in our office fails. We will refer you to a specialist to correct the root canal. We will cover the procedure at the specialist office. It is not common for a root canal to fail but there is a possibility. Teeth that have root canals become more brittle, we always recommend putting a crown on the tooth especially posterior teeth. If it is an anterior tooth sometimes it is not as necessary to crown the tooth. .

In order for us to guarantee our Dentistry, all Warranties are Null and Void unless this is not followed:

  1. You must keep your prescribed regular continuing dental health and wellness Hygiene visit with no appointment varying for more than 30 days off our recommended schedule.
  2. Maintain your account in good standing.
  3. X-rays taken at least once every 12 months.
  4. You must maintain a high standard of home dental care such as brushing 2 times a day and flossing daily.
  5. If a Night Guard is recommended, you must obtain one.
  6. If a periodontal procedure(s) are recommended you must have the procedure(s) completed.
  7. Once you have a Root Canal, you must do the recommended final restoration.

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