If you are not happy with your smile or if spaces between teeth, misaligned teeth, chips, cracks or permanent stains make you self-conscious, porcelain veneers may be the answer for you.

People with beautiful teeth are more attractive, and they're perceived as smarter, friendlier, and more successful, according to an AACD poll. With a sensational smile, you'd probably feel a sense of self-confidence you never thought possible.

To correct imperfections in your smile, Dr. Newsome may recommend porcelain veneers. Each of these handmade, porcelain shells is designed by a dental ceramist according to precise specification dictated by Dr. Newsome.

To plan your veneer case, Dr. Newsome will consider your face shape, features, and symmetry, as well as your skin tone and existing dentition. Dr. Newsome will act as your guide and advisor, providing experienced, educated advice about the best color, shape and size of veneers for your smile. Designing and placing porcelain veneers usually requires three dental visits. You'll wear temporary veneers while your permanent veneers are being fabricated. In addition to looking youthful and attractive, your new veneers will permanently resist stains. Dr. Newsome sometimes recommends Lumineers, a no-preparation option, for select cases. He will advise you on which type of veneers will achieve the best results for your situation.

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