Teeth are responsible for tearing, chewing and breaking down what we eat. Because they're exposed to harsh temperature changes, intense pressure and hundreds of bacteria every day, they will eventually show some wear. Accidents and genetics also contribute to oral health problems, so you can see why many of us have chipped, broken, discolored or missing teeth.

Despite all of the challenges that your mouth faces over the course of your life, our restorative services can return your healthy, attractive smile.

After your initial consultation, Dr. Newsome will meet with you to discuss the best course of treatment. He will explain his findings and present options to restore your teeth. White fillings and crowns are common treatments that restore oral health while maintaining a natural, white smile. Dr. Newsome will make sure that your restorations function properly for a comfortable bite and lasting results. If you're missing teeth, he may recommend a bridge, dentures, partials or dental implants. Patients who experience headaches, jaw pain, functional problems, or bruxism (teeth grinding) may suffer from TMJ disorder.

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