Patient Information

Patient Information

Dental Payment Options & Warranties in Columbia, SC

At Newsome Complete Health Dentistry in Columbia, SC, our team strives to give our patients the best overall health by optimizing their oral health and demonstrating the impact it has on their well-being. We want to give the best service possible, creating a patient-centered experience with on-time appointments and family-friendly, caring attitudes. Education is very important to us, and we always want our patients to be informed on how they can be proactive of their oral and general health from home.

However, we never want financial trouble to stop our patients from being able to see us. We offer several different payment options to work with each individual customer, plus we partner with CareCredit to offer affordable payment plans. We also offer our Dental $avings Plan, available here only.

How can I brighten your smile?

Payment Options

• Cash, personal check or money order: If paid for prior to treatment date, we give a 5% discount for cash, personal check or money order transactions.

• Credit cards: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

• Financing through CareCredit: We will help you figure out which plan is best for your budget. This option allows you to start treatment immediately and pay for it over a period of up to 48 months.

Dental $avings Plan

Basic plan for $299 includes:

• One comprehensive exam
• One annual exam
• One emergency exam to be used at any point during the year
• Two non-periodontal cleanings
• Two oral cancer screenings
• Two fluoride tooth desensitizing treatments
• Four Bite Wing X-rays
• Any individual X-rays needed during the year
• 50% off Panorex or Full Mouth Series of X-rays and CT (3D Imaging) scans
• 15% off additional cleanings, dental sealants, fillings, core buildups, oral surgery and root canals
• 10% off crowns, veneers, periodontics, dentures, partials and implants
• $l,000 off Invisalign
• $259 teeth whitening


• NO yearly maximums
• NO deductibles
• NO claim forms
• NO pre-authorization requirements
• NO health questions
• NO pre-existing condition limitations
• NO one will be denied coverage
• NO waiting periods
FREE Consultations

With the Dental $avings Plan, you won’t be singled out for cancellations or rate increases, and you won’t get a membership card. Rather, your plan’s effective date will be kept on-file at our office.

Sign up for the Auto Renewal Policy for 5% OFF next year’s premium! Contact us today to see how you can sign up.

Program Guidelines

• Your part of the bill is due the day of the service
• If there is a time lapse in your plan, there is a $50 reinstatement fee
• Can’t be used with another dental plan or financing program (i.e. CareCredit)
• No refunds of premiums will be issued if patient decides not to use the plan

Program Exclusions & Limitations

This is a discount plan, not a dental insurance plan. Therefore, it cannot be used:
• With another dental plan, dental insurance or financing program (i.e. CareCredit)
• For treatment which our doctors find is outside of their ability
• For hospitalizations or hospital charges
• For referrals to specialists
• For services of injuries covered under workers’ comp
• For costs of dental care covered under automobile medical

This plan can’t be used at any dental office besides Newsome Complete Health Dentistry. Download our Dental Savings Plan for more information and download an Dental Savings Application to get started.

Our Guarantee

We are proud of the work we do. Here is our warrantee.

Composite Fillings: Two year warrantee to replace at no cost. If it breaks and you need a crown, you will be credited the cost of the filling toward the crown.

Crown or Bridge: Three year warrantee to replace at no cost. If you need a core build-up during the three years because of decay, the build-up will be discounted by 50%.

Sealants: Three year warrantee if it pops off. There is no charge to recoating worn areas on the sealant.

Root Canals: Two year warrantee. We will refer you to a specialist if a root canal done in our office fails, and we will cover the cost.

All warranties are null and void if this not followed:
• Patient must keep prescribed, regular dental health and wellness hygiene visits with no appointment varying over 30 days off our recommended schedule.
• Patient must keep account with us in good standing.
• X-rays must be taken at least once every 12 months.
• Patient must be brushing two times a day and flossing daily at home.
• Patient must use Night Guard if recommended to do so.
• Patient must have periodontal procedures if recommended to have them.
• Patients must do final recommended restoration once they have a root canal.

The team at Newsome Complete Health Dentistry is dedicated to our patients. Contact us today at (803) 782-6966 with any questions, for more information on any of our payment plans or to schedule an appointment.